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Corporate Income Tax

Corporations need to pay the government a specific percentage of their profits. This is called a corporate tax. This tax is based on a corporation's operating earnings remaining after spending all other expenses. In Canada, corporate taxes are controlled by the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA. Our main aim is to help you file corporate income tax or T2 with ease.

As a general rule, all corporation residents in Canada are liable to Canadian Corporate Income Tax or CIT for paying the tax on worldwide income. Non-resident corporations need to pay tax on the income derived out of business in Canada. In such a case, the tax amount also depends on the capital gains that come from the Canadian taxable property's disposition.

At Pritpal Kooner Professional Corporation, a team of tax professionals will help you assess your corporation tax and make the taxation process simple and quick for your corporation. We'll deliver practical tax solutions to meet your requirements.

Pritpal Kooner Professional Corporation believes in maintain transparency. That's why our clients have appreciated us. Each client is precious to us. Our services provide:

  • Accurate Assessment of corporation tax

  • Analysis of past years' tax records

  • A comprehensive comparison of present tax with last year's tax

  • An organized taxation method

  • Practical tax-related solutions

  • On-time delivery

  • T2 Income Return

We're Always Ready To Serve Cost-Effective Tax Services

Every corporation should take corporate tax seriously. We understand that dealing with tax-related issues is not easy. That's why we strive to provide solutions that can make taxation easier and less time-consuming. Our main goal is to ease the taxation process for your corporation.

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