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We handle all Canadian tax whether it is for personal or corporate. We have compiled some useful tax checklist documents below (in PDF format) for our BC clients’’ to download that will help you with various accounting needs.

Personal Income Tax

Our firm offers a well-reviewed and quality-focused preparation of your taxes. Whether you are an individual or small business owner, we provide services of electronic filing and refunds. We offer one of the most comprehensive computerized tax preparation services in the industry. We use top-notch and most advanced tax and accounting software, which offer our client a step-by-step personalized service that guides you through a series of questions about you and your tax situation. Each answer will lead to additional detailed questions in search of all available deductions, thus maximizing the available deductions, resulting in the largest possible refund for you.

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  • Corporate income tax preparation and planning

  • Personal income tax preparation and planning

  • Estate income tax preparation

  • Late tax returns